Himalayan Festival to have more attractions

The newest edition of Himalayan Festival USA (HFUSA) scheduled its annual event this summer in beautiful City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania slated to kick off on July 20-23. The three previous annual events in Houston, Texas (2014), Nashville, Tennessee (2015) and Cleveland, Ohio (2016) had attracted large crowds. The success of this event is credited largely to the Bhutanese community, who lend their unwavering support and solidarity.

Himalayan Festival is complete family entertainments, which includes live performances, celebrity sequences, vibrant dances, live singing, sports activities, beauty pageants and much more. Festival also provides massive platform to up and coming artists; dancers, singers and fashions enthusiasts to show case their talents. Himalayan Festival being single most event of its kind, which only target to promote our art and culture by giving platforms to our younger generations to showcase their talents now been a household name when talking about summer events of Himalayan region in the USA. It is not only helping people getting together to celebrate the culture, tradition, music, dance and fashion of Himalayan region but also is intended as stepping stone for Himalayan talents to get into mainstream industry of its kind.

“We at Himalayan Festival don’t care where we were born, be it in – Jomolhari of Bhutan to Mt. Everest of Nepal or Kargil of India to Lhasa of Tibet – we all are Himalayan and everyone is welcome. Whether you are just coming as audiences or participants, you are supporting this event in one-way or other. We’re counting on your presence, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have,” organisers say in a statement.

The festival is likely to get more attention and participation this year with the past success. Engagement of widely acclaimed celebrities from Bollywood and Nepalese film industry for its publicity had been the most effective.

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