China challenges India over Bhutan relations

India is trying to undermine China’s efforts to maintain close ties South Asian nations including Bhutan, China’s Global Times read.

“…It is India that has been treating South Asia and the Indian Ocean as its backyard with a hard-line manner. Its uneasiness toward Beijing’s growing influence in the region is obvious,” an article in the state-run Global Times said.

“For instance, New Delhi is one of the crucial reasons why China and Bhutan, which is controlled by India economically and diplomatically, have not yet established diplomatic relations,” the article said.

“If such tendencies in India continue, China will have to fight back, because its core interests will have been violated. This is not what we hope for, but the ball is in India’s court,” it said.
Despite Bhutan’s effort, Indian barred Bhutan from entering into diplomatic relations with the northern neighbour. India is also alleged to play role in delaying the final demarcation of border between Bhutan and China.

Former Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley who made decent effort to build relations with China was ousted from power and political landscape.

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