Appeal to locate Lok Nath Acharya

Daughter of the disappeared human rights activists Lok Nath Acharya has made emotional appeal to help find her father. Acharya, 51, was kidnaped allegedly by Bhutanese agents from India in 2014.

Even after the resettlement process started and most of his relatives chose to resettle in early years, he stayed back in camps taking care of old parents and two small kids. He also continued to work for the Human Rights Organisation of Bhutan (HUROB) as a peaceful activist.

According to his brother Hem Lal Acharya, who currently resides in the United States, he was lured to a human rights meeting said to have been organised by human rights activist working inside Bhutan, in Malbazar, West Bengal, India on 16 October 2014 from where he was kidnapped and disappeared.

It is not yet known where he has been taken but informal sources say he may have been taken to Thimphu in an unconscious state.

She categorically requested International Red Cross and Amnesty International to locate his whereabouts, ensure he is not tortured and help him secure a free and fair trial against the brutal and inhuman behavior of the Bhutanese government.

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  • June 5, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    Bhutan need cancel,reject,dismissed by is not legal,agaist people or nation. new established need –Himalayan Gorkhadesh,not China included.not India included, need by International community onindependent,


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