Fourth multicultural soccer in Hobart

Hobart-based Bhutanese soccer club Druk Sporting United hosted two-day multicultural soccer competition Hobart Friendship Cup that concluded on Sunday, 16 April. The club is holding the annual event for last four consecutive years.

According to Bhim Neopaney, chairperson of the organising committee, the competition was organised with objective to engage youths in productive activities to promote social participation/inclusion and healthy living to end feelings of social isolation and provide Bhutanese Community to build relationship and partnership with local service providers and sporting clubs on an ongoing basis.

The event saw the participation of nine male and two female soccer teams representing diverse communities across Tasmania. The event also includes Nepali cultural dance besides sporting activities.

Australian Bhutanese Society of Northern Tasmania and Afghani Launceston became winner and runner up of the tournament in men’s category while organising Druk Sporting Club won the trophy of the female competition.

Besides Bhutanese soccer teams, Afghani, Ethiopian, Sudanese, Nepalese, Burmese and University of Tasmania teams participated this multicultural event.


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