Bhutan court to review Sacha Wangmo verdict

The son-in-law of the infamous businessman Sonam Phuntsho has re-opened the file that was closed after the Supreme Court verdict in April this year.

The much publicized legal case between Tandin Bidha and her daughter Dr Shacha Wangmo versus Sonam Phuntsho was considered to be closed in early April 2017.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Tshering Wangchuk is the son-in-law of Sonam Phuntsho, popularly known in Bhutan as Ap SP, who will now review the case again.

Supreme Court in April 2017 has closed the chapter of the case ordering transfer of nine units of a Changzamtok building from Tandin Bidha to Ap SP for which he had to pay Nu 4 mn to BNB of the around Nu 9 mn owed in loans on the nine units.

None of the litigants involved in the case had hailed the Supreme Court verdict, given by two Justices Tashi Chozom and Rinzin Penjore. Initially, the justices ordered auction of the property, in no less than Nu 22 mn, but none turned up for the auction.

Phuntsho is charging Bidha for repayment of the loan taken by her daughter Sacha Wangmo. Wangmo is learnt to have shares in the Changzamtok apartments.

The original verdict by the High Court that Tandin Bidha to pay Nu 18 mn to Sonam Phuntsho within three months on the basis of four money receipts or give up nine of the 18 apartments in her Changzamtok building, was upheld by Supreme Court.

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