DNC celebrates establishment day

Members of Druk National Congress celebrated the Party’s 23rd Foundation Day at Kathmandu, Nepal on June 16, 2017. The customary suja desi was served to members and guests. The traditional Bhutanese game, ‘Khuru’ was played among members and guests to mark the occasion.

Gedun Choephel, President of the Party, remarked that the ‘democratisation’ of Bhutan is incomplete without the participation of exile political parties in Bhutanese political process. The incarceration of political prisoners and our exile status are the living proof of Bhutanese exclusive democratic process.

He urged the political parties inside Bhutan to place common interests over self-interests in their service to Tsa-Wa-Sum.
The party lighted butter lamps in remembrance of those Bhutanese who have departed this world while working for the establishment of democracy in Bhutan.

The party was founded on the 16 June 1994 by Late Rongthong Kunley Dorji with the support of Bhutanese both inside the country and in exile.

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