Internet ban in Darjeeling ineffective

Mamata Benerjee’s effort to subdue the demand for a separate Gorkhaland by imposing Internet ban did not deter the demonstrators to disseminate information.

The demonstrators and supporters are crossing border across Nepal and Bhutan to access web and upload news, videos and photos of the ongoing agitation.

The bandh for separate Gorkhaland entered its 13th day on Tuesday. The Internet ban imposed on June 19 will remain effective until July 4.

Though no numbers are available, every day dozens of people, including youths, businessmen, and even the unemployed, are walking or riding over for a few hours. A few also have SIM cards from Nepal and Bhutan for use in bordering areas.

Darjeeling is the only district in the country to share borders with three countries — Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

GJM and other political parties, agitating for a separate state of Gorkhaland, students and academicians have all condemned the ban on Internet, dubbing it as the denial of the right to express themselves.

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