Exiled Bhutanese leaders advocate for repatriation, assimilation

Bhutanese in exile who are still living in refugee camps in Nepal have made an appeal to the government of Nepal to facilitate opening options for local assimilation and repatriation based on the wishes of the individuals.

UNHCR estimates over 5,000 Bhutanese will be left in limbo when the third country resettlement programme concludes this December, who have denied resettlement and insisted for repatriation to homeland.

A delegation of the exiled-Bhutanese camp leaders were in Kathmandu lobbying to put pressure on Nepal government to open options. The met top politicians and human rights activists seeking their support.

Though Nepal has insisted repatriation, Bhutan declined during several bilateral talks held between Nepal and Bhutan. The 16 rounds of talks failed to yield any results to send exiled-Bhutanese back to their homes.

It is the first time the refugee leaders have included assimilation demands and sought administrative support to receive Nepalese citizenship to those willing to assimilate.

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