Bhutan-China continue diplomatic solution on Doklam

Bhutan’s slow move to find solutions at the Doklam continues a month after India-China showdown.

The Bhutanese territory remained tensed after India initiated conflict with Chinese troops accusing them of building road infrastructure without any formal approval from Delhi.

Indian soldiers heavily guard the northern Bhutanese border after Chinese takeover of Tibet fearing the communist regime would continue its expansion mission beyond Himalayas.

Bhutan’s ambassador to India Vetsop Namgyel met Luo Zhaohui, his Chinese counterpart in Delhi, on September 27 to discuss the issue of Chinese activities in the Doklam region, diplomatic sources said.

Bhutan and China are also learnt to have discussed in the meeting the possibility of holding another round of their border talks soon.

As pointed out in several media reports in the past couple of weeks though, Chinese troops remain stationed around 800-900 meters from the face-off site on the Doklam plateau even though Beijing has shifted road construction equipment from that site.

With Beijing apparently looking to wean Bhutan away from India’s sphere of influence, any move, which Thimpu makes on the issue of the disputed Bhutan-China-India tri-junction is of immense significance to India.

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