Thinley makes first public appearance after four years

The former Prime Minsiter Jigme Y Thinley has made a surprising public appearance in Western Australia after four years of silence. Thinley has remained out of public appearance since his part lost election in 2013.

Thinley was in Western Australia on the invitation of Curtain University to make presentation on Gross National Happiness and share with experts the result about GNH at the global conference on ‘Sustainable integrated cities 2017,’ hosted by Curtain University. His one-week tour wrapped up on 9 December.

At the request of the Association of Bhutanese in Perth (ABP), Thinley met with the members of Bhutanese community in Perth alongside his tour on 3 December along with her daughter. Cultural programme and banquet was held to welcome him.

There have been rumours and speculations about his whereabouts since his departure in 2013 following a shock defeat. The toxicity of apprehension was apparent at least going by the reactions in the social media forums.

In his short speech, he indicated that since his resignation he had been living at his secluded hermitage-like house in the forest. He said, save for occasional outgoing to discuss with some people on the matter of social cause and peace of the nation, he had mostly confined himself at his house.

“I think the reason you want to meet me is because at a time when you are desperately missing your hometown, parents, kith and kins and when you heard an elderly man coming from Bhutan, you all wanted to see me,” he said. He appreciated all Bhutanese working or studying abroad for their immense contributions to the socioeconomic development of the country.

“As an elder, if I tell you a story, it’s important to live up to the spirit of Tha Dam Tsi, Lay Jumdrey,” he advised. “When you are far away from home, in the course of time when you build on fortune and acquire education, you should always keep in mind who you are and where you come from.” He said they should be thankful to the Australian government for those immense opportunities given to the Bhutanese.

He also appreciated and thanked the assemblage for many of their social activities, which are helpful for like the disabilities, renovation of monasteries and other social cause in Bhutan despite their struggles.

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