Bhutan: rising holiday destination for Australians

While Bali is still popular, Australians are gradually shifting their holiday destinations to Asia, including Bhutan gradually.

According to a Skyscanner survey, from 2016 to 2017, 12 of Australia’s top 20 international travel destinations were in Asia.

Bali still topped the list (more than a million Australians arrive in Indonesia each year, a very significant proportion in Bali) but Vietnam is rising in the rankings. Flight bookings to Ho Chi Minh City jumped 23 per cent making it the new Asian hotspot.

Singapore continues to entice Aussies – there was a 17 per cent increase in flight bookings ­– and a 16 per cent increase in flight bookings to Tokyo, which jumped to number seven on the top 20 list. Bhutan has not come to the top 20 list but the number is persistently increasing.

Bhutan government does not publish tourist arrival data based on the country of origin.

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