Rizal calls Nepal to raise refugee issue with India

Coinciding with the visit of Indian Minister for Foreign Affairs Sushma Swaraj to Nepal, Bhutanese democratic leader in exile Tek Nath Rizal has called on Nepal government to table the issue of exiled Bhutan with India.

Swaraj arrived Kathmandu on Thursday, Feb 1, for a two-day Nepal visit on the eve of communist alliance taking over the government reign.

Rizal has mentioned that the refugee crisis did not get an appropriate solution due to disengagement of Indian side, despite being a tripartite issue.

He further stressed the need for a true democracy in Bhutan, which could possible open doors for exiled Bhutanese who wish to return to the homeland.

According latest stats, there are still over 9,800 exiled Bhutanese living in eastern Nepal. Of them, at least 7,000 have expressed desire to return Bhutan and have not filled in form for resettlement. Over 100,000 have been resettled to western countries so far.

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