AHIMBSA celebrates second anniversary

Association of Himalayan Buddhists in South Australia (AHIMBSA) celebrated its second establishment day amidst a cultural program on Sunday.

There were performances by young children, differently able individuals and young talents from the Bhutanese community. The differently able individuals performed Australian national anthem in sign language while young kids sung the popular Ani Choying number ‘fulko akha ma, fulai sansar’.

Salisbury city Councillor Donna Proleta, representing Mayor Jillian Aldridge, appreciated the contribution made by Bhutanese community towards building a vibrant multicultural community in City of Salisbury.

AHIMBSA also felicitated three elderly individuals and two active community volunteers on the occasion.

AHIMBSA was established by Nepalese, Bhutanese and Indian Buddhists living in South Australian in 2016 with vision to expand the preaching of Lord Buddha.

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