Tobgay gets Indian blessings ahead of polls

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay has travelled to Delhi on the official visit in his last ditch to gain Indian confidence in favour of his party during the upcoming elections.

India had dramatically flipped the election outcome in 2013 and Tobgay wants to make sure it does not happen this time. During the three-day ‘official visit’ Tobgay met senior Indian leaders who could play active role in the Bhutanese politics.

Election commission has announced to hold the third parliamentary election this autumn for which current government has to leave at least three months before the election. An interim government appointed by king conducts the election as per the constitution.

The ruling party People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has not yet finalised the candidates whereas other parties have almost finished finalising their candidates. PDP has delayed in announcing its candidates as it was waiting for the senior bureaucrats to resign to join politics.

The party and the senior bureaucrats also have reached an understanding that if they failed to get elected, they would be entrusted with senior government positions post election.

Tobgay and his PDP has always remain closed and very loyal to India during his tenure as Prime Minister. It is not long to see if Indian blessings would keep him in power.

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