Elections close in Bhutan

The polls for third parliamentary elections in Bhutan has closed and results are expected to start coming shortly deciding the fate of two parties – DNT and DPT.

The election ever divisive and regional interests are dominating national politics. The south is likely to vote overwhelmingly to DNT while east goes with DPT. West remains on pendulum. Southern Bhutan is testing new party every five years as they fail to listen to its concerns and story. This has also benefitted the royals since new political party coming to power has less chances of calling the royal prerogatives.

Every effort has been made this time to knock DPT out. The PDP who lost in primaries has instructed its supported to vote for DNT while retired army officials, royal agents, former councillors such as Sonam Kinga and others have invested openly to diminish DPT power. ECB indirectly supported this mission.

DNT has gained absolute support from south. Resettled Bhutanese have expressed sympathy to DNT and their sympathy has perfectly influenced the southern Bhutan. However, it tried to divide east in an desperate attempt to jump to power.

If PDP and BKP voters are fairly to divide DPT is sure to return to power. However, latest scandals have diminished its chances. Seen as anti-royal, DPT win means a power struggle.

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