BCN runs youth seminar

The Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands (BCN) organised a day-long Youth Seminar on December 9 with objectives to educate young generation about common community needs and issues.

The day-long seminar covered subjects such as value of community service, leadership development, event management, building entrepreneurship, promotion and preservation of language and culture, intra-cultural integration and positive thinking.

BCN hired experts from on the respective topics to run the seminar in addition to BCN leadership.

BCN president Ram Karki highlighted importance of community service and activities BCN has been doing since it was established 10 years ago.

One of the experts BCN invited Ariette Prince-Hekman spoke about the Dutch values, ways of living, equality under constitution, Dutch multiculturality and historical perspective about cultural integration of Dutch population.

Gopal Gurung, a prominent community member spoke at length about the value of community service and the roles and responsibilities of the youths towards their community. “Youths energy and power if utilised properly at the right time and the right way can entirely change the community in positive direction” said Gurung. He expressed his confidence about the appropriate use of knowledge that youths have earned for the benefit of the community.

Facilitator Fanindra Panta, a renowned social worker from the Netherlands based Nepalese Community, spoke about the roles and responsibilities of youths to protect and promote our language and culture.

The other facilitator Amber Singh Subba spoke about the need for building positive mindset and thought in the community.

“Patience and maintaining restraint makes it easy for the community leaders to solve complicated community crisis and issues” he said. His presentation received the most attention from the participants.

BCN founding member and another prominent community member Aiman Samal inspired the participants through his excellent presentation on community entrepreneurship development and its numerous advantages. He cited positive outcomes of owning a business in terms of employment, time management and self satisfaction.

Special thanks was extended to BCN Coordinator Mr. Raju Chhetri for his overall coordination and management, Mr. Chandra Chhetri for his technical support, Mrs. Kabina Khadka and her sister Babita Khadka for preparing and serving delicious lunch and to Mr. Shyam Gurung for sponsoring complete stationaries items for the entire event.

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