UNHCR initiates repatriation

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has handing out forms for exiled Bhutanese living in eastern Nepal to express their wiliness to go back to Bhutan. The forms were not available to those not registered in camps or have refugee identification card.

The exiled Bhutanese were asked to provide personal identification details, camp address, previous address in Bhutan, address in Bhutan wanted to go now and family size.

The process has begun after the conclusion of resettlement programme through which over 110,000 exiled Bhutanese have been resettled in western countries. There are over 6,000 exiled Bhutanese living in camps now.

Many of those living in camps have been advocating for repatriation and rejected the offer for resettlement. The exiled Bhutanese have expressed hope for repatriation this time. The government of Nepal has said details of those who do not want to be repatriated will be forwarded to Geneva for action. They are more likely to be assimilated in Nepal.

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