Khadka contesting city council in NY

A Bhutanese-American youth in making attempts to test his luck with the US politics announcing candidacy for a councillor in Rochester City Council, NY representing northwest quadrant.

Khadka made Rochester his permanent home since he resettled there in 2009.

A social entrepreneur Khadka is the Founder and President of House of Refuge, Rochester and CEO of Rochester’s International Community, where his affection-driven work to see the welfare of people actualised through community activism and volunteerism to create better living conditions for everyone are his utmost passion.

He had joined the youth delegate to United Nations in 2017 for UN youth conference.

“I believe that the Northwest District, where neighbours work daily to build bridges of understanding and support, can provide a model of civic engagement for other areas of the city of Rochester. I believe that, as I dialog within City Council and with other individuals, organizations, and agencies, I can help spread the Northwest problem-solving spirit throughout the rest of the city and beyond,” Khadka said.

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