More exiled Bhutanese willing for resettlement

The details of the individual Bhutanese in exile who have expressed desire to be repatriated back to Bhutan have now been forwarded to UNHCR office in Geneva for further action.

Around 50 percent of the 6,000 exiled Bhutanese still living in camps in Jhapa and Morang districts are learnt to have expressed their willingness to be repatriated to homeland Bhutan.

However, other half of the population, whose most relatives have already resettled in western countries under Third Country Resettlement Program are awaiting reunion with their relatives and family members despite the fact that resettlement programs have closed. Few cases under process are handles by International Rescue Committee.

The IOM has closed in Jhapa office and many aid agencies have shut their offices and programs in the area.

People are facing difficulties with the closure of support from aid agencies. Those having family members resettled have been receiving support but those without relatives or family members not resettled are facing real trouble.

Many are running business which has become the source of living for them.

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