First comprehensive human rights report on Bhutan published

A new comprehensive report on highlights the continued violations of human rights in Bhutan that has continued for decades and not seen any changes with the introduction of parliamentary democracy.

The new report compiled by Bhutan Watch attempts to point out the state failure to safeguard the rights of the citizens enshrined by the constitution and actions of the individual and state mechanism continue the violations unabated.

Bhutan Watch said this is the first in the series of reports it will be publishing every year.

“We will cover cultural rights, civil rights, minority rights and economic rights of Bhutanese people as seen by people in the opposition bench. It is hoped that such reports will be useful for self-evaluation of the people in the government and the need to do more for opening up the country for better governance,’ report’s forward notes.

Asia Group of Stiftung Umverteilen, Berlin, Germany supported the publication of the report. Bhutan Watch said the report will also be available online in future.

One thought on “First comprehensive human rights report on Bhutan published

  • May 13, 2019 at 2:26 am

    Is marriage is human right. If yes means why in bhutan it’s so hard to marry someone outside of the country. We are human and we are made to love. Love can happen anywhere . It doesn’t look country or people it just happen. So if we love other countries people why it’s so hard for citizens of bhutan. If we look at other countries they don’t have anything against marrying foreigner. So why not in bhutan.


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