Sonam’s mother reaches Japan

Mother of Sonam Tamang has reached Japan on Saturday to be with her daughter, who has been in coma in Japanese hospital for almost a year. Mother Dhan Maya Tamang is being accompanied by her son Pasang Tamang.

They were received at Fukuoka International Airport by Japanese social worker Yumiko Kan and other Bhutanese living and studying in Japan. Dhan Maya had left for Japan on Friday.

Local national public broadcaster NHK and other local media provided coverage of the family’s arrival. NHK has closer connection with Bhutanese media including programme production collaboration with BBS. 

The travel expenses for Dhan Maya and her son was provided by the government. The government committed DSA for 20 days including travel allowance which is USD 300 per day. However, the government has not committed further support to the family.

Dhan Maya had last week met with Minister for Labour and Human Resources Ugyen Dorji seeking further support but failed to receive anything other than consolation. The minister had hinted support only to bring dead body, if Sonam dies.

In a fund raising campaigns run by Executive Director of Journalist Association of Bhutan (JAB) Namgay Zam, over Nu 2.5 million were raised to support the family. Zam in her Facebook update said, the fundraising still continues to provide support to the family when they stay in Japan beyond 20-days. 

Sonam went to Japan in October, 2017 in search of employment through Bhutan Employment Overseas (BEO) agent. Due to harsh working conditions, she became sick with Tuberculosis and Meningitis and then went into coma with around 99.9 percent brain damage. 

Since then she has been in life support 

Sonam Tamang is learnt to have debt of around Nu 700,000, excluding interest being paid on the loan, taken to go overseas.

Sonam is one of the many victims of overseas employment in Japan which was approved by the government with plans to address the growing youth unemployment in the country.

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