Chhetri is new advisor to Penn governor

Biwshanath Chhetri has been appointed as the new commissioners of Pennsylvania (United States) governor’s advisory commission.

Chhetri becomes the latest Bhutanese to be appointed to the commission that advises the governor on Asia Pacific American Affairs.

The Governor’s Advisory Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs is dedicated to ensuring that state government is accessible and accountable to the diverse Asian Pacific American communities in Pennsylvania.

The commission is composed of up to thirty volunteer members appointed by the governor for a term of two years.

Late Padam Rizal was the first Bhutanese to serve in that capacity before.

Chhetri is an established realtor based in Harrisburg PA.

2 thoughts on “Chhetri is new advisor to Penn governor

  • December 17, 2019 at 10:05 pm

    I’m not the advisor. Only BN Chhetri is. I was the observer of the oath taking ceremony.

  • December 24, 2019 at 3:24 am

    Congratulations Biswanath bhai, you are a pride for all of us. Keep up the great work!


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