Dutch-Bhutanese pray for Australia

Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands (BCN) organised a community gathering for prayers on Sunday remembering the victims of wild fires in Australia.

The ceremony started by lighting candles and holding one minute silence for the eternal peace of  those souls who left the world due to this disaster.

Speaking on the occasion, BCN president Aiman Samal briefed the members on Australian fire disaster. He said, “We cannot become a mute spectator when our brothers and sisters in Australia are suffering but at the same time our small community has no capacity to contribute financial help to such a rich and powerful country, thus we have planned to convey our support and solidarity by praying for the well-being and peace of entire victims and Australian in general during this terrible time in their lives. The idea of organising this event is also to send a message to all Australians that they are not alone at this critical period”. 

Dev Ghalley from Buddhist community, L. B. Ghalley and Mohan Kumar Rai from Christian community,  Panchu Maya Subba, Mohan Subba and B.K. Subba from Kirate community and Ram Ghimire, T.B. Bhattarai, Devi Charan Basnet and Raju Chhetri from Hindu community led reciting holy prayers for all those who lost lives in the recent fire disasters.A 15 minute long recitation of the Buddhist mantra Om Mani Padme Hum took place under the initiative of Gopal Gurung.

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