More Bhutanese from Middle East to return home

Despite rise in the COVID case from Bhutanese repatriated from Middle East, Bhutan government has continued its rescue operation of the Bhutanese who lost job abroad. All recent case of COVID 19 were among the Bhutanese recently repatriated from Middle East. Bhutan has so far registered 20 cases and no death from the pandemic.

Another 639 Bhutanese will be returning home from the Middle East in the fourth phase of repatriation flight. The Foreign Minister said five flights are arranged between 24 May and 1 June to bring Bhutanese back home. Five repatriation flights- three to Kuwait, one to Dubai and one to Kuwait-Bahrain will be evacuating 398 Bhutanese from Kuwait, 131 from Dubai and 110 from Kuwait and Bahrain. So far 4,348 have returned to the country.

According to Foreign Ministry record, 12,759 Bhutanese are currently living in 70 countries. This figure does not include Bhutanese in exile and resettled Bhutanese. 

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