Facebook group creating anti-China sentiments in Bhutan

Facebook groups in Bhutan have now become hotspot to raise anti-China sentiments in the country. The online activism has risen amidst rising tension between China and India.

One particular Our News & Forum, with over 194,000 members, is filled with many anti-China posts – particularly advocating for boycotting Chinese goods and services. Many of these members who posts anti-China statements are either faceless or fake accounts. They appear to have been created by Indians to increase anti-China sentiments in Bhutan.

These members also promote Indian products, services and glorify Bhutan-India relations. Any negative comments on India get heavy criticism.The forum is also used as a platform to criticise Nepal and its stance that supports Chinese sentiments. One member Jigme Sonam, who have never posted his personal photo to the Facebook profile, claims Nepal is losing sovereignty to China and losing its friendship with India.

2 thoughts on “Facebook group creating anti-China sentiments in Bhutan

  • July 9, 2020 at 6:14 am

    The anti- China sentiment has been more because of their mis-handling of Covid-19, which turned into a big scale pandemic. China refused to participate in any kind of investigation, which would have put more light on the enormity of the disease. If WHO would have investigated in time, first week of Jan 2020, about the claims of Taiwan and notorious habit of China in the previous similar situations, they would have saved alot of economies to go under. This followed by wiping out the medical shelves in many countries like UK, Australia, USA, France etc, and ordering a pile stock of medical supplies from India, before declaring the epidemic, was such a bad move. Selling medical aid back to the countries who gave it for free, faulty medical kits, taking over stressed international business, threatening smaller countries in South China sea, the list goes on and on.. for what, to increase trade and become a world leader. Indians did make noise, and they are huge economy with a huge population, as for the apps banning, all the companies in China, have an obligation to disclose personal data of their users to CCP government, when asked for it. That’s why it was a huge cry when it became public, and all apps who did not fall under the Chinese jurisdiction were promoted. Indians are open to criticism to anything they have done, which initiated from India, India went ahead and shared the information on how to treat patients with the available meds in the market today ( information which China had since 1st week of Jan, but they never made it public).

    This is not about China, but a bully behavior of a country, who has been a bully to its own people, but now wants to bully others too.

    Countries like Africa who dont have good medical facilities will suffer, their culture will die with the elders of their villages, as this disease is worse for the elders. I am sorry if the feeling came as if China is being targeted, but its the other way round, China has pulled all international community’s economies at risk, and is expecting everyone to look the other way.

    All love for Bhutan, God bless Bhutan

  • May 7, 2021 at 8:42 am

    India is a faceless country who bullies its small neighbour–Bhutan. India also slanders China because China is stronger than India.


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