Parliament session, paused, concluded

The third session of the current parliament has concluded after a prolonged pause due to coronavirus pandemic. The session supposed to conclude on 6 March was postponed with the rise of the health crisis.

The session resumed on 1 June and deliberated Annual Budget for 2020-21 and passed Supplementary Budget Appropriation 2019-20 and Annual Budget Appropriation 2020-21. A parliamentary committee was installed while the session on hold to recommend and monitor the government preparedness and action to address the coronavirus. 

The session held discussed bills on GST, Penal Code (amendment), Civil and Criminal Procedure Code (amendment), Tourism Levy and Property Ownership Transfer. However, the most anticipated Impeachment Procedure Bill was withdrawn at the beginning of the session. Despite a constitutional provision, the country is yet to get an Impeachment Act in place. 

Mines and Minerals Bill of Bhutan, two ordinary bills, and two conventions were deliberated and referred to the National Council. The Annual Audit Report 2018 and Performance Audit reports from 2010-2017 of the Royal Audit Authority were deliberated during a joint sitting.As a custom, King attended the closing ceremony on 17 June.

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