Bhutan’s tiger conservation recognised

Transboundary partnership between the Royal Manas National Park in Bhutan and Manas Tiger Reserve in India, known as the Transboundary Manas Conservation Area or TraMCA covering 1500 sqkm, with a tiger conservation TX2 Conservation Excellence Award for 2020. The awards include a financial grant to assist ongoing conservation.

The award marks the 10th anniversary since the 13 nations set an ambitious goal to double the wild tiger population by 2022 through the strategy TX2. TX2 stands for “Tigers times two”, signalling the goal to double the population of wild tigers by 2022.

Manas Park increased the tiger population from 12 in 2008 to 26 in 2018 whereas Indian side of the park increased the population to 25 in 2018 from nine in 2010.

TraMCA comprising the 500 sq. km. Manas National Park in Assam and the 1,057-sq. km. Royal Manas National Park in Bhutan.

“Camera trap studies in Bhutan have also shown that tiger prey, including gaur and sambar, are abundant in the protected area,” stated the press release from the World Wildlife Fund Bhutan.

Conservation Director of WWF-Bhutan, Vijay Moktan, congratulated the Manas Park and the forest department and acknowledged the frontline rangers, community leaders, local communities, donors, and partners for their pledges and resolute actions.

“This leaves no doubt that Manas Park is as fit and healthy as before,” he said.

The awards are presented by the Conservation Assured Tiger Standards, IUCN’s Integrated Tiger Habitat Conservation Programme, Global Tiger Forum, United Nations Development Programme, The Lion’s Share, and WWF Tigers Alive Initiative.

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