The third local government election concludes

Bhutan has completed the third Local Government elections on 22 December when new leaders were elected across all local governments – 205 Blocks of the 20 Districts, 14 sub-municipalities and Samdrup Jongkhar municipality.

A total of 3,500 candidates contested the elections. A total of 1,437(1,252 male and 185 female) have been elected successfully to the various elective offices.

There were 463,033 (226,202 male & 236,831 female) for the elections of which 316,798 (153,084 male & 163,714 female) exercised their adult franchise rights. Of them 190,494 (89,934 male & 100,560 female) voted through EVM and 126,304 (63,150 male & 63,154 female) voted through postal ballot.

Overall voter turnout was 68.42% as per the Election Commission of Bhutan. 

Following the election, there are still 26 positions vacant because of negative voting/tied results/vacant without candidates. No dates have been announced for elections on the vacant positions. 

Following the reconsideration of audit clearance of 9 candidates by the Royal Audit Authority, the ECB has rescheduled elections for the LG posts in the 8 affected blocks for January 6.

Recognizing the gravity of the risk posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and vulnerability to local transmission, senior citizens, physically challenged voters/persons living with disabilities, and voters with physical infirmities were facilitated with the Mobile Voting Booth. The ECB set up 186 Paper Ballot Facilitation Booths (PBFB) in the twenty districts to facilitate voters residing outside their constituencies to vote in person using paper ballots.

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