Football tournaments held in Ohio

By Keshab Acharya.

The Bhutanese-American soccer team Chuke Football Club has raised the winning trophy of a football tournament held in Cincinnati, Ohio. A total of 38 Soccers teams of Nepali-speaking communities in the US participated in the competition organised by Intra-National Welfare and Support Foundation of America.

The winner of the tournament was awarded a cash prize of USD15,000 and the runner-up was awarded USD8,000.

Chuke football club of Cincinnati beat FC United of Pennsylvania State 1-0. For the team, Rosandro with jersey no 7 scored a goal against FC United in the first half, which later became a winning one.

Similarly in the women’s category, Columbus Star football team won, and in the veteran’s, the Cinci Intra football club.

The winning Columbus Star was awarded a cash prize of USD7,500 and the first runner-up North Dakota Shining Star Football Club was awarded USD5,000. The Columbus Star played 1-0 against the North Dakota.

He scored the goal from a corner kick. The match took place at Miami Whitewater Soccer Complex in Cincinnati.

The tournament aimed to encourage the children of Nepali-spoken Bhutanese and the Nepalese community residing in the US to follow a disciplined lifestyle and cultivate their talents.

Additionally, the veteran winner Cinci Intra Veterans Columbus received a cash prize of USD8,000, and the first and second received USD2,500 each.

Nepali-origin footballers from various states including Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Ohio, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Kentucky, New York, California, North Dakota, and Georgia, and from Canada participated in the match.

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