‘Resigned’ executives not fit to be party candidates

The Election Commission (ECB) has hinted that bureaucrats who have been terminated or forced to resign from the service may not be allowed to run for political offices in the upcoming elections. 

As per news from Thimphu, the ECB officials have met with the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) to their decision.  No written notification, however, has been issued.

The RCSC recently carried leadership assessment exercise whereby a large number of top officials were identified as not fit for the job or not competent for the role. Some were terminated, and others were given the opportunity to resign and exit the service. 

Legal provisions do not restrict these individuals who resigned from their roles to contest the elections. While terminated individuals are not allowed to stand in elections. The ECB is stipulating that all those who resigned were technically terminated from their job after failing the leadership tests.  

Section 179 of the election Act states that a person shall be disqualified as a candidate if he or she has been convicted for any criminal offence and dismissed or removed from public service or the corporate sector.

One of the political parties had roped in a few of these executives.

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