Financial support to political prisoners

The Global Campaign for Release of Political Prisoners in Bhutan (GCRPPB) has distributed financial support to 15 immediate family members of the Bhutanese political prisoners and vulnerable former political prisoners recently released from prisons in Bhutan, excluding those who are resettled. 

A GoFundMe fundraising initiative collected a total sum of €2,447 (less GoFundMe costs €80.77) donated by 39 generous donors from around the world, the majority from resettled Bhutanese in the USA. 

Such fundraising is the first ever initiated exercise to show support and solidarity to the families of the Bhutanese political prisoners and those recently released who were suffering from various sicknesses due to their decades of torture at the prison.

In the Bhutanese refugee camp Beldangi, a three members committee led by Dambar Kumari Adhikari, mother of one of the Chemgang-based life-sentenced political prisoners, Omnath Adhikari, was formed for the cash distribution. The funds were handed over to families of the 13 prisoners living in the camps. Former political prisoners Dil Kumar Rai and Santi Ram Acharya were the other members of the committee. Financial support was directly sent to the other two families not living in the camps.

On occasion, Acharya thanked all the donors on behalf of the families, for their love and solidarity. He said they are delighted to know that the resettled Bhutanese have not forgotten them. 

Acharya suffers from various chronic illnesses resulting from the heavy torture he underwent at the Bhutanese prison. Recently Global Bhutanese Organisation (GBO) contributed Rs 40,000 to pay his medical bills. GBO chairman D B Rai had collected the amount from his team. 

GCRPPB appreciated GBO and its Chairman’s initiative. It has also called on everyone to expand your possible financial support to him so he can continue his medical treatment. 

Campaign coordinator Ram Karki extended appreciation and gratitude to all those donors because of whose generosity the campaign could bring smiles to those families and individuals.

Donors (amount in Euro): 

  1. Aiman Samal 51
  2. Amal Rai 100
  3. Ariette Prince Hekman 25
  4. Bahadur Subba 30
  5. B B Poudyel 51
  6. Birkha Majhi 20
  7. CM Nirola 25
  8. Damber Ghaley 115
  9. Damu Nepal 40
  10. DB Rai 101
  11. Dilip Dahal 101
  12. Gaurav Chhetri 130
  13. Gopal Basnet 100
  14. Gopal Gurung 25
  15. Guru Chhetri 51
  16. Hasta Wakchhali Rai 51
  17. Hem Giri 21
  18. IB Pathak 45
  19. Indra Adhikari 50
  20. Kuber Tiwari 51
  21. Mahesh Rai 50
  22. Man Ghaley 101
  23. Manoj Pradhan 50
  24. Nabin K Shahi 25
  25. Narad Pokhrel 51
  26. Netra Acharya 101
  27. Om Adhikari 200
  28. Prince Kafley 35
  29. Puspa Raj Chhetri 25
  30. Raj Baral 50
  31. Ram Karki 38
  32. Rom Bista 31
  33. Tanka Subedi 30
  34. Tara Dahal 51
  35. Tek Nath Nepal 51
  36. Thugten Dorjee 25
  37. Tula Bhandari 50
  38. Vijay Bhujel 50

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