Bhutan China border talks

China and Bhutan have held another round of border talks – and the first meeting of the newly set up joint technical team – the ongoing efforts to finalise the delimitation of their disputed boundary.

A joint press release after the 13th Expert Group Meeting (EGM) held in Beijing on 21-24 August described it as an “important outcome” the setting up of a Joint Technical Team on the Delimitation of the China-Bhutan Boundary, which held its first meeting along the sidelines of the EGM.

In recent months, both sides have portrayed the long-running talks as picking up speed and nearing a possible solution. 

Earlier in March, the Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering said in an interview that the process of “demarcating territories” and “drawing a line” could be completed “after one or two more meetings.”

The boundary talks between Bhutan and China began in 1984.

Nothing has been made public about the outcome or agreement from the meeting but the two sides agreed on keeping the positive momentum of frequent Expert Group Meetings, holding the 14th Expert Group Meeting on the China-Bhutan Boundary Issues as soon as possible and maintaining communication.

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