BNN New Team

Bhutan News Network has elected a new team to govern the news publication. 

Our new Chief Editor is Ram Karki, based in the Netherlands. He has championed human rights campaigns for the last several decades and wrote several news articles in several publications before taking over Bhutan News Network’s responsibility. Mr Karki holds a Master of Science in International Sociology, specializing in Engaging Public Issues, from Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Other team members joining him will be Srijana Sapkota and Ashika Dhaurali, both of whom are young scholars from the resettled Bhutanese in the US. 
The team hope to keep expanding in other areas where Bhutanese live. 

The founder and former Chief Editor, I P Adhikari, wished good luck and best wishes to the news team and expressed hope that BNN will flourish under the new leadership of Ram Karki.

Newly elected Chief Editor Ram Karki thanked Mr Adhikari for his invaluable contributions. He wished him the best in his new role as a senior member of the Australian Public Service.

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