India enters into Bhutan-China border conflict

Indian media claimed Chinese military has entered into Bhutanese territory, following a standoff with Indian soldiers deployed in the border.

The standoff was at Doklam (or Donglang) which India say is within Bhutan while China says it’s inside Chinese territory. Bhutan has not made any statements.

China said, its soldiers were constructing road when Indian Army solders approached to dispute the construction.

About 89 square kilometre areas in Doklam Plateau, which overlooks the strategically important Chumbi Valley in the intersection of India-China-Bhutan. The area had been in dispute between Bhutan and China for a long time. India, in this instance, is making attempts to be party in the conflict.

The statement issued by Colonel Ren Guoqiang, spokesperson for Indian Ministry of National Defence of Chinese Government, however, did not have any reference to the Bhutan-China dispute over Doklam Plateau.

New Delhi fear the road China building in Doklam Plateau would give it a strategic advantage against India in a possible military conflict in future. The plateau overlooks the Chumbi Valley, which is not far from “Siliguri Corridor” – the narrow stretch of land that connects India’s seven north-eastern States with the rest of the country.

Beijing in the past indicated to Thimphu that it was ready to give up much of its territorial claims in northern Bhutan if the latter accepts Doklam Plateau as a territory of China. China claims about 764 square kilometres of areas in Bhutan.

New Delhi restricts Thimphu having diplomatic relations Beijing while it holds military outposts in strategic positions in northern Bhutan.

11 Responses to India enters into Bhutan-China border conflict

  1. Ding Ding says:

    Inida wants to devour Bhutan, while China can protect Bhutan.

  2. Kang says:

    Bhutan is an independent sovereign state and should have its own views, or it will be the next Sikkim

  3. San says:

    That’s why India is a pu**y country. It has no business in this conflict but try to be hero and partner so that it can show the so called power it is having. Bloody indians. They are torcher to every country surrounding it, manmyar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Pakistan, Kashmir, China, Nepal and Sikkim.

  4. I am in China now. Facebook, Twitter, and all Google series are not easy to browse. I browsed through Chinese news media and peeped into Bhutan issue. Doklam leads the trend. I found this link on BNN referred by one of the leading newspapers of China.

    I am proud at your visibility.

  5. George says:

    Indians are using Bhutan as a stepping stone for India’s own self-interest only. India can not protect Bhutan, India is too poor and too backward to do so. Indians don’t even treat their own lower caste people as humans, what can Bhutan get from Indians?

  6. Victor Lew says:

    Bhutan is a sovereign country and it is time for Bhutan to speak for itself. India is an arrogant bully.

  7. Huaan Fan says:

    I am a Chinese and hope that all neighbours (Chinese, Bhutanese and Nepalese and Indians) can live friendly and peacefully together.

    Unfortunately due to historical reasons the boundaries among these neighbours have not been resolved. Time is passing by and the world is changing. We all need to think how we can resolve the historical problems related to boundaries so that our future generations can move on.

    In the last 40 years or so, China has made tremendous achievement in its social and economical development. Gradually China’s global influence is increasing every day. Our Nepalese and Bhudanese neighbours should be wise enough to see the global trend and understand the importance and benefits of cooperation with China.

    Nepal is an independent country. Bhudane should also be an independent country. Nepalese and Bhudanese should be the master at their home to decide the fate of their own people, not any giant neighbours (not India, not China).

    For the benefit of your own people, I hope that Nepalese, Bhudanese and China can build friendly relationships and prosper together.

  8. Victor Fan says:

    China has Tibet and Pakistan. Already took hundred of kilometres from Pakistan. Took over Tibet forcefully and now wants Taiwan, Bhutan and then Bangladesh next.

  9. 0ldwolf says:

    India is poking its nose into other people’s bussiness.

  10. Black hong says:

    It’s high time for Bhutan to say “no” to India’s control.Otherwise, Bhutan is going to be the next Sikkim.

  11. Tenzing Lo says:

    a lot of wu mao chinese paid bots here. creating issues between bhutanese people and india. India has always been our friendly neighbor and for decades only helped bhutan and maintian peace in the region. china is stepping into our territory and also creating issues between peoples here. we need to be very careful or this will spiral into a india-chinese conflict that only affects us! china is a rouge nation with imperialist ambitions or else they wont claim territory with all small neighbors like this. shame on them for already occupying tibet and now want to try to get strategic foothold into bhutan too. i have many chinese friends and they are all nice people but have to be beware of their imperialist, crazy, communist govt and army!

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