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भुटानबाट लखेटिँदा

बलराम पौडेलको पुख्र्यौंली घर इलामको साबिक माइमझुवा– १, याङ्मा (हालको सन्दकपुर गाउँपालिका) हो । दक्षिण भुटानको साम्ची जिल्लास्थित बाँडा ब्लक (नगरपालिका) मा २००९ सालमा जन्मेका पौडेल जब पुर्खाको गाउँ (याङ्मा) आइपुग्छन्, उनको भोगाइको ‘भोटाङे कथा’ सुन्न युवा, बालबालिकादेखि वृद्धवृद्धा भेला

Dorji wanted to finish Wangchuks

By Maharajakrishna Rasgotra Bhutan was different from both Nepal and Sikkim. The King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk, who ruled the country from 1952-1975, was apprehensive about China’s expansionism and wanted india to strengthen its defences by reorganising, reaffirming and training its

Writing on the wall

By John Narayan Parajuli The large-scale resettlement of Bhutanese refugees is coming to an end this year. Fewer than 10,000 of the 125,000 Bhutanese refugees are likely to be left behind in the camps in eastern Nepal. With the resettlement

A commentary on the chapter on ‘Government’ for the Class V Social Studies

By Sonam Kinga Our text books are littered with mistakes. Spellings, facts, grammar and much more! This is unacceptable! We cannot teach children using text books containing such errors. Take the following page for example. In every paragraph, there are

A right royal time in Bhutan

By Lisa Grainger, Telegraph f the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge suffer from altitude sickness, or get anxious motoring along vertiginous roads, they might consider booking the new Royal Bhutan Helicopter Service for their royal flit to the Buddhist kingdom

Bhutan Is The Nature Lover’s Untouched Dream Destination

By Jamie Feldman, The Huffington Post Of the many travel destinations in Asia, Bhutan, sandwiched between India, Nepal and China, is certainly one of the less-visited places on Earth. That’s because the landlocked country prides itself on keeping mass tourism

Bhutan Should Come Clean on Hydropower Megaplan

By Vishal Arora and Chinch Dema The tiny nation of Bhutan might enjoy world renown for its environmental record, but it is overlooking concerns being raised by environmentalists over the country’s plans to construct large hydropower plants to generate 10,000

In praise of Gyalpo IV

By Dr. S.Chandrasekharan Bhutan celebrated the 60th birthday of Gyalpo 4, the father of the present King in a grand manner on the 11th of November. A series of celebrations is being planned for the whole year. A book that

Who is a Bhutanese?

By Om Pradhan I recall that it was in New York in 1980, when I was Bhutan’s permanent representative and ambassador to the United Nations that Dale Djerassi(1) interviewed me for the 1982 PBS documentary, Bhutan: A Strange Survival. One

How the happiest country in the world is saving tigers

By Bahar Dutt I write this piece as a gushing river winds its way through mountains draped in pine and fir trees, with white clouds tugged across the sky by gentle winds. Every inch of land around me is covered