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Conflict Escalation: China and India’s Territorial Dispute in the Himalayas

By Felix K. Chang, Foreign Policy Research Institute During the summer of 2017, an unusually volatile territorial spat between China and India erupted in the Himalayan Mountains. For over two months, hundreds of Chinese and Indian troops were locked in an

हामी भुटानका नेपाली

इच्छा पौडेल, अष्ट्रेलिया सन्दर्भ केहि बर्षअघि नेपालको भूटानी शरणार्थी शिविरमा जन्मेर अमेरिकामा पुनर्वास भएका १७ बर्षे एकजना युवकले गुगल ग्रुपमा एउटा सहयोग मागे। ‘म नेपालमा जन्मेको, मेरा बा-आमा भूटानमा जन्मेका र अहिले म अमेरिकाको नागरिक भएको छु। मलाई स्कूलमा तिमी

Our identity – The way I see it

By Om Dhungel Introduction Defining our own personal identity is a lifetime experience since it keeps evolving as we move on in life. Personally, I feel very much a global citizen, part of the global village. In Bhutan, the majority

Who is a Nepali?

By I P Adhikari One of the major reasons for political instability in South Asia is it political culture that is based on the ethnic lines – not based on principles and beliefs. The confederation of Indian union on ethnic

The State of Democracy in Bhutan

By Lily Wanggchuk We Bhutanese never wanted democracy since our earlier system of governance, Monarchy had worked so well for our country surpassing even our neighbours in terms of our economic development and remarkable progress that we never felt the

Doklam Plateau And The Shifting Tri-junction Points

By Yeshey Dorji As much as I try to desist from writing on the issue of Doklam that has prompted a hoard of ill-informed and poorly educated people around the world to hurl derogatory terms such as “puppet”, “vassal”, “protectorate”

Bhutan and China: Clues to crisis from 1979

By Saeed Naqvi Thumbing through old files in the context of the India-China standoff on Doklan, a headline caught my eye: “Need for talks with China: Bhutan King”. The dateline is September 11, 1979. The King who made that bold

भुटानबाट लखेटिँदा

बलराम पौडेलको पुख्र्यौंली घर इलामको साबिक माइमझुवा– १, याङ्मा (हालको सन्दकपुर गाउँपालिका) हो । दक्षिण भुटानको साम्ची जिल्लास्थित बाँडा ब्लक (नगरपालिका) मा २००९ सालमा जन्मेका पौडेल जब पुर्खाको गाउँ (याङ्मा) आइपुग्छन्, उनको भोगाइको ‘भोटाङे कथा’ सुन्न युवा, बालबालिकादेखि वृद्धवृद्धा भेला

Dorji wanted to finish Wangchuks

By Maharajakrishna Rasgotra Bhutan was different from both Nepal and Sikkim. The King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk, who ruled the country from 1952-1975, was apprehensive about China’s expansionism and wanted india to strengthen its defences by reorganising, reaffirming and training its

Writing on the wall

By John Narayan Parajuli The large-scale resettlement of Bhutanese refugees is coming to an end this year. Fewer than 10,000 of the 125,000 Bhutanese refugees are likely to be left behind in the camps in eastern Nepal. With the resettlement